On August 29, 2010, we installed a new group of servers, resulting in complete service blackouts over about 5 hours. Once service was restored, serveral issues were noted. As of 11:34 August 30, 2010, the following issues still needed to be resolved:

  1. Some Perl scripts don't work, as working path is not defining correctly.
  2. ColdFusion Module sites are not functioning, due to problems with the software.

Both problems were eventually fixed at 02:14 on August 31, 2010, and stress testing was completed.

Below is a timeline for the server upgrade. All times are Mountain:

00:16 - Non-essential systems and devices are shut down.
00:30 - Internet routers and connections are shut down. Service ceases.
01:07 - Last server shut down and disconnected.
01:58 - Routers begin responding to Internet pings again. Service remains unavailable.
04:16 - Mail and DNS servers started up and resume functioning.
05:28 - Web and FTP servers started up and resume functioning.
06:12 - SQL servers restored. All systems are now available.

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