On February 26, 2012, our servers were shut down for regular maintenance and software upgrades. In addition, changes at one of our two ISPs made it necessary for them to assign us new static IP addresses, so we implemented those at the same time.

As of 2:33 AM MST servers were back online, however, the IP changes did not fully propagate over the Internet until 2:31 PM.


01:01 AM - Work begins, some server software updated.
01:32 AM - New IPs registered with DNS
01:38 AM - New IPs programmed in to router. Service through 1 connection ceases
01:44 AM - Servers shut down, availablilty ceases
02:26 AM - Servers and routers back online.
02:30 AM - New DNS records uploaded to all DNS servers
02:46 AM - Tests to both connections succeeded.
03:11 AM - Final reboot of servers.

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