On October 24, 2012, our email server suffered a catastrophic hardware failure. Email service was restored later that day, though problems persisted, primarily with the web interface and configuration system. Due in part to these problems, SuperSonic Online made the executive decision to shut down access to the web mail system on October 29, opening up a temporary webmail system for customer access.

During the following week, due to difficulties maintaining the existing software, the decision was made to scrap the original mail server software in favour of a new solution. Several offerings were tested, including the updated version of our existing software. In the end, we chose a new offering from a new vendor.

After prototyping this software for a week, the server was brought online on November 11, 2012, with all user profiles and emails transferred over by 2 AM. On November 20, the system was declared stable. The old server software has since been taken offline, archived, and placed in long-term data storage.

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